Green Floormax Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring (Green Ply)

Approx Price: Rs 800 / quater 

Green floormax comes in a wide variety of colour and texture that creates an ambience like no other.The surface designs have been hand picked in collaboration with renowned designersfrom Europe and crafted with a passion that reflects in unique character of Green Floormax wooden flooring.


Why opt for only Green Floormax

It has technical superiority as explained under:-

1) PERMA CLICK:-It is the most advanced interlocking system available in India.It gives Green Floormax a unique quality and finish.It makes the installation process so easy and simple.

2) MAX SHIELD-A unique scratch resistant protection technology that shields it against wear and tear.This specially engineered coating surface makes wood floor manifold stronger and resistant to surface scratches.

3)SONIC SPONGE-An advanced technology that allows the sound absorbent backing layer to reduce sound transmission and produce only a solid and pleasant sound underfoot.

4)100% HARDWOOD BASE CORE- The high density fibreboard at the core of Green Floormax wood floors makes them sturdier and more durable than any other flooring alternative.

5) HYGIENIC AND EASY TO MAINTAIN- Our surface protection technology ensures dust doesn't cling to your floor while our unique interlocking system PermaClickTM binds the planks perfectly, allowing absolutely no room for dust accumulation and water spillage.

6)SEAMLESS LAYOUT- Our interlocking technology leaves no annoying gaps or crevices, leaving you with a level, beautiful-looking floor. There just won't be any place for dirt and dust to accumulate.

7)ANTI-WRAP- Since the top layer on green floormax wood floors is resistant to heat and temperature changes, there won't be any uncharacteristic bending or twisting of the wooden planks. Your floor will always stay solid and level.

8) EASILY REMOVABLE/CHANGEABLE/REINSTALLABLE- Switching floors just involves removing the planks and installing them elsewhere. Carry your floors with you anytime, anywhere.

Aludecor ACP(Aluminium Composite Panel) Sheets

Approx Price: Rs 70 / Square Feet 
Smart and durable exterior wall claddings, facial panels, ceilings, furniture, display units, lifts, escalators, stair sideways, signboards, column covers, canopy, room dividers wherever you turn to, you are likely to see our impressive handiwork.

Our Aludecor panels are specially used for ventilated facades, curtain walling cassette panels, facias, roof edges, soffits, column covers, balcony cladding and infills, tunnel linings and for partitioning and other interior usages.

Aludecor ACP a designers delight. Moreover, Aludecor wall panels have always stood the test of time owing to their excellent UV, weather and corrosion resistance. The widest range of shades coupled with its technical advantage make Aludecor ACP the perfect choice for a plethora of interior applications like interior wall panels, column covers, false ceilings, modular kitchen et al. Besides 35 odd metallic and exclusive shades, there are the Embossed Series and the Timber Series decors, which can facilitate the most innovative designs for interior applications. Aludecor wall panels are also manufactured with lead free paints, and produce zero fumes, thus being a perfect facilitator in negating indoor pollution.
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